Why Stay?

Here are 10 good reasons for staying at Villa Tropicana Orlando

1. Tranquility and harmony make a perfect vacation.

Villa Tropicana Orlando is peaceful and relaxing, with a backyard that offers three advantages:

  • a beautiful view over the gentle slopes of the Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club;
  • the peaceful sound of warm breezes flowing through the leaves of palm, orange and lemon trees;
  • a private pool.

2. Keep cool in your private pool.

Due to its south-facing location, the pool area receives the maximum amount of sun a day provides, which makes it perfect for the avid sun-bather and swimmer. In addition, this location offers a beautiful view of the Southern Dunes golf course’s gentle slopes, which only adds to the tranquility and harmony that Villa Tropicana has to offer, while the orange and lemon trees constantly remind you of the tropical paradise you are in. Most importantly, however, whether it’s day or night, hot or not, you can cool off whenever you like.

3. The award-winning Southern Dunes Golf and Country Club.

Aside from being within walking distance and having an 18-hole championship golf course, Southern Dunes Country Club also contains: a restaurant, golf shop; communal swimming pools; a fitness center; 2 tennis courts, a basketball court and a volleyball court; a children’s playground; as well as extensive trails for daily walkers or joggers. Overall, it’s a perfect place to make friends and take friends, so feel free to participate any time in its wonderful amenities as they are only a hop, skip and a jump away from your Villa Tropicana front door!

4. The unique treasure hunt.

Secrets, mysteries, legends and bed-time stories are things which people never grow out of. If a mystery or challenge presents itself, most people are enthralled with the idea of discovering clues and searching for answers. This is why we host the Tropicana Treasure Hunt, especially designed for and inspired by our villa. Follow Captain Calico Jack’s puzzles and clues all the way to the end in order to discover his secret treasure…that is, if you can figure out the answers!

5. Fun in the games room.

The newly furnished game room is great for passing some time, or even playing a few round-robins! The dart board and pool table, which can immediately be turned into a ping pong table, offers countless hours of fun and friendly competition.

6. Media amenities.

Villa Tropicana offers its guests all the media technologies they might need, such as televisions, which are in every room, and high-speed wireless internet access. Furthermore, the main room contains a large plasma T.V., complete with a surround-sound home theater system, an iPod doc station and access to digital radio via the digital cable system.

7. Spend some romantic time with that special someone.

Our aim is to make your stay enjoyable, unforgettable and… convenient. That’s why we provide the Dinner Basket of Romance, which contains fine china, an elegant table cloth and napkins, candles, a cocktail book, wine glasses and much more, so you can enjoy some romantic quality time with that special person in your life.

8. Nearby shopping facilities.

Villa Tropicana is within walking distance to a: Super Wal-Mart, Win-Dixie Supermarket and two pharmacies: Walgreens and CVS. So if you run out of syrup for your morning waffles or cocktail mix during an evening beside the pool, don’t bother grabbing your car keys because it will be faster to stroll there and back.

9.Free calls for everyone.

Villa Tropicana is happy to provide its guests with free calls throughout the U.S. and Canada.

10. Staying safe.

Security at Villa Tropicana is excellent. Not only is it located in a gated community, but there is a 24-hour security officer. In addition, the Villa itself contains a state-of-the-art electronic lock and a visitor’s safe where your laptop and important documents can be safely stowed.