Cultural Attractions

Seville Great House

Seville Great house is symbolic of the English period. After the capture of the island in 1655, New Seville was abandoned by the Spaniards. Edward Long tells us, the English divided up and allotted the land to victorious officers and other soldiers. In this allotment, the city of New Seville became the property of one Captain Hemmings, an officer of the army, thus becoming Seville Estate. 1745, Hemmings’ grandson built the great house on the site of the original house which was built at the end of the seventeenth century.

The house originally consisted of two storeys. The top storey was, however, blown off by hurricane, about 1898, and it was never replaced. The structure is of wattle and daub construction with timber floors and English tiling. The doors of the building are of solid raised panel mahogany. The windows are predominantly sashed, with later modifications, including jalousies. The interior of the house has mahogany arches, which separates the living and dining rooms.

There is veranda, enclosed by a set of square wooden columns, along the entire northern end of the building. It was designed to provide adequate ventilation and sunlight, as well as privacy. There is a projected entrance portico, which forms the landing for bifurcated cut stone steps. The roof finish is of cedar shingles, with a distinct cap and comb feature. There are two pronounced finials at the gabled ends on the eastern and western side of the roof and aluminium gutters in the valley. The floor has a stained timber finish.

This site is now operated as a heritage attraction. Email us at

Cranbrook Flower Forest and River Head Adventure Trail


A unique ecotourism attraction sited on 130 acres of tropical forest including 40 acres of landscape gardens. Cranbrook offers a hiking trail along the Little River that leads to the cathedral-like source of the river with the water rising from a 14-foot-deep pool. See dozens of tropical plants, flowers and birds, relax by the river or frolic on the four large lawns. Ideal for nature lovers, weddings and group get-togethers.

Green Castle Estate


Green Castle Estate is an ecologically rich and beautiful property of 1600 acres on the North Coast of Jamaica between the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. Green Castle Estate has a rich history of land use and culture, from the indigenous Tainos who inhabited the site 1000 years ago, through 300 years ago as a prominent plantation of sugarcane and bananas, to the modern estate of today that is one of the largest orchid and organic farms in the Caribbean.
The land, its history and the many assets of the Estate are also home to the newly formed Greencastle Tropical Study Center, which was formed to make a difference in the lives of the poor, rural communities that surround it, to draw researchers and students from Jamaica and abroad to study the land use and its effects on the ecosystems and people that surround the Estate, and to create remarkable and educational eco-experiences for visitors, whether they come for a dip in the sea, a tour of the farm or a week relaxing at the beautiful Estate House. The Green Castle Orchids and Organics Tour is an opportunity to visit the beautiful Jamaican countryside, learn about its vibrant history and experience a warm Jamaican welcome. Our vision is to operate our agriculture and eco-tourism enterprises within the context of a research station, encouraging interaction among all of our visitors and staff.

Calypso Rafting

As the pioneer attraction on the White River, Calypso Rafting started it’s operations in Jamaica since 1987. Over the years, Calypso Rafting evolved into adding various Watersporting activities that have provided entertainment and excitement to thousands of locally and from all over the Globe who has visited our Island from Cruise Ships to Hotels. Calypso Rafting proudly continues to serve Jamaica’s Hospitality and Entertainment Industries.
White River is located only 10 minutes away from the town central of Ocho Rios. Surrounding hotels within this radious are at most half an hour away from the White River. Calypso Rafting provides transportation to the attraction from hotels within the area. Calypso Rafting also operates Charter Boats for deep sea Fishing. Jet Skiing is also a service available for your watersport entertainment and so much more!

Firefly House


The historic home of playwright Noel Coward offers an interesting tour. Named for the luminous insects seen in the warm evenings, this house has certainly entertained its share of luminaries from both the political and entertainment worlds, including Queen Elizabeth II, Laurence Olivier, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Alec Guiness, Peter O’Toole, and Richard Burton.
Even today the house is kept in the same state it was when the Queen’s Mother came to lunch in 1965. A tour of Firefly includes a look at the home, photos of the house’s many celebrity guests, and the grounds where Coward is now buried.

Chukka Caribbean Adventure’s Zion Bus Line


Our authentic Jamaican Country Bus, the “Zion Bus Line”, will take you on a unique tour from Island Village in Ocho Rios, via Claremont to the birth and final resting place of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. This pilgrimage has been specifically designed for Reggae enthusiasts and hardcore Bob Marley fans, who would like to visit the “Graceland” of Reggae. Rock to the rhythm of Bob’s greatest hits as your “dreadlocked” driver negotiates the narrow winding country roads to the mountain village of Nine Miles. If you are a baby boomer who was hip to the 60’s & 70’s music of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff, or if you are now a fan of Shaggy, Beenie Man and the Dance Hall phenomenon, this is a Reggae experience you can’t miss.

Tour Facts:
Duration: 5 hours
Minimum Age: 18 years & older
• Complimentary refreshments (Rum Punch, Fruit Punch and Water & tasty Jamaican Patties)
• Complimentary lunch at local Jerk Centre.
• Entrance fee to Bob Marley’s Birth & burial place is included.
• Authentic Jamaican Country Bus Features: State of the art DVD Stereo System, Cooling Fans and Chrome Air Horns.
• Bathroom stops each way
• Not optional for pregnant women