The parish of St. Ann is one of the most dynamic parishes in Jamaica filled with cultural depth and world class experience. I have been visiting places like Dunn’s River Falls, Green Grotto Cave, and the White River since I was a child and have nothing but fond memories of those visits. When it was time to choose the ideal vacation home St. Ann was the ideal location. It is only an hour away from Montego Bay and Kingston and has all the modern conveniences of both cities.

I am an avid traveler and when outfitting Tropical Getaway I used my experiences to ensure that a warm welcoming atmosphere was created at a reasonable price. We thought of the weary traveler when we purchased everything from the hot tub to the Smart TV, projector, and games. We even offer grocery shopping service so you arrive to a fully stocked refrigerator.

You want to have a wonderful holiday and we want that for you too. We believe that when you are here this is your home for however long you are staying and that you should be relaxed, comfortable and happy.

Welcome to our piece of paradise!