VIP Services

VIP Services

Tropical Getaway has various packages available, all suited for your individual needs. Our packages ensures that you get the most satisfaction out of your trip on this wonderful island of Jamaica.

Customize Trip Planning

Collaborate with us to find the ideal trip for you.

The Beach Bum

The sun, sand and the cool sea. Enjoy the various beaches nearby. This package allows all those who enjoy sunny summer beaches to experience Jamaica sandy beaches at it’s finest.

The Adventurous Hiker

Do you like high mountains and the thrill of climbing? Then check out this package as we offer deals for hikers.

The Cultural Explorer

Explore Jamaica’s wonderful culture. Meet locals, visit live reggae concerts and experience Jamaica for yourself.

Yardie Style Cooking Lessons

Add flavour to your everyday meals. Learn how to cook Jamaican cuisine.

Shopping Exhibition

Shop at local stores and bring a piece of Jamaica back with you. A tour guide will be provided upon request